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Audience Response Service customer testimonials

Audience Response Service customer testimonials

I love the Audience Response Service remote control rental service! I don’t have to pay for the technician’s travel expenses. The technician helps me set up the system and facilitate the event effectively. I just watched and the monitor did the work for me, I love it!
  Kevin C. San Diego CA
Our insurance agent’s annual meeting at Orlando is very important to us. So I decided to use Audience Response Service’s full rental package to be 100% sure we are going to have a successful event. The Audience Response Service technician hand -carried the equipment to the event, set up the system, did a rehearsal with our team and ran the interactive voting for us. It was a perfect event. Thank you very much for your service!
  Nancy M. Philadelphia PA
Many thanks to the Audience Response Service technical support team for the self-service rental support that they provided me in Denver. They remotely configured my laptop, then installed and set-up the system before I traveled to Denver. When I reached Denver, the system is there for me, they helped me set up the system remotely. I had a successful event facilitated all by myself! I was very happy with the service.
  John D, UK
I truly appreciate Audience Response Service’s 24/7 technical support who provided me their remote assistance through a remote rehearsal the night before the event.
  John C, Los Angeles, CA
I like the PowerCom RF1 keypad, the miniature size lets you do multiple selections, list more than 10 answer choices and the processing speed is so fast. Best of all, the rental price is very affordable!
  Paul T., Chicago, IL
Just wanted to let you know that the Marketing Research event was a great success! Your system worked really well and we received a lot of very positive feedback from our audience. Thank you very much.
  Deborah E, Dallas
Audience Response Service’s on- site technician has done an outstanding job from start to finish, we had a perfect event. Thank you!
  Lee S, HK

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