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A Closer Look at Ad Meter and Its Benefits

A Closer Look at Ad Meter and Its Benefits

After its introduction to SuperBowl by USAToday, Ad Meter became a new concept into evaluating various marketing-related activities by companies. Previous to Ad Meter there was no industry-wide standard to measure how much the consumer/viewer liked or disliked the commercial advertisements. Since the SuperBowl has the largest yearly TV audience and the highest cost for each commercial time slot, it is the ideal venue to measure and compare how the audience liked the ads and, in this way, show the Ad Industry and advertising companies who has made the best-liked commercials. USAToday also benefitted by becoming positioned as the newspaper that scientifically measures and identifies the winner. The Ad Meter has influenced how ads are now made for the SuperBowl and the Ad Meter results can make or breaks the agencies that created them.

How Does It Work
In the SuperBowl Ad Meter, USAToday hires a firm to scientifically select an audience in 2 or 3 cities. This audience represents the American viewing audience. They meet at a location before the game and given dials or keypads to rate the best and worst commercials as they see it live In 2012 this was done in two sites: Tysons Corner, Virginia and Phoenix, Arizona.

The viewers are trained to continuously rate each commercial on a 10 point scale where 10 is “Like a Lot”, 5 is “Neutral” and 0 is “Dislike a lot”. Their votes are collected second-by-second. The individual audience’ responses are collected from both cities live and combined on-line. These values are tabulated to find the mean and the maximum value is used as the number used to determine the winner. In addition, the raw data is disaggregated to find the maximum vote for six subgroups, Male, Female, Young, Old, Low Income and High Income.

In 2012, data was also collected on FaceBook where a self-selected audience could vote on a 5 point scale on each ad. Votes could be entered up to 2 days following the SuperBowl. Since the audience was not scientifically selected, the results do not scientifically represent the National audience. However, the results are, as expected, very similar, particularly for the higher ranking ads. FaceBook results correlate with Ad Meter with a value of 0.82 which is good. In addition, the expected error in the top 15 positions is +/- 5 places. This means that in 2/3 of the cases the ads can move up or down by as much as 5 positions. The FaceBook audience also has a very slight bias for the younger, male and higher incomes subgroups.

System Requirements
For an Ad Meter to be fully functional, one will need a computer, Ad Meter application, internet connection, video overlay device (to put line chart onto TV screen) and the voting devices – dial or wireless keypads. In addition, subgroup definition and carefully scripted instructions are needed.

The Benefits
Ad Meter has shown that pretesting ads is worthwhile. With the cost of production and the expensive time slot, it is prudent to expect to know about how your commercial will rank. It would avoid the chance of having an embarrassing low score. But most important, pretesting will suggest how to make your commercial more effective. Ad Meter is a powerful marketing application that makes good economic sense. It can be done quickly and can be applied to any videos and political advertisements.

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