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There are a lot of challenges you will be faced with when organizing large events. But by sticking to the basics such as checking the event's budget, choosing a well-selected event team, and opt for an event venue that is guaranteed safe and secured - one can be ensured on having a successful event.

There are events that require audience participation. Greater audience participation and honesty through anonymity or track individuals' responses is important. It's like everyone's opinion is taken into consideration. Corporate meeting can be sometimes boring but by getting audience voting or getting access to their feedbacks, it can be fun, interesting and interactive. This also offers "greener" approach by eliminating paper surveys that take time to process. Thus, it enables instant feedback to meeting planners and key speakers and faster decision-making. But how can this be possible? There must be audience response equipment that can quickly and easily collated opinions into useful data. is capable of conducting large scale audience voting system to events like corporate staff meeting, annual shareholder meeting, CME, Medical symposium and other events with large scale audience participation (500 to 15,500 participants in one location or up to 31 locations). We will work with you to enhance your event! We have a variety of keypads for a diverse range of voting solutions with each highly adaptable to different types of event.

With over 20 years of experience, our Audience Response Service team is already expert in turning your next meeting into an event to remember. We've been conducting ARS event all year round catering US and international clients. We use PowerCom Specialty software for large events. PowerCom Specialty software is not a PowerPoint add-in and is developed and maintained by our in house development team. We can customize additional feature and special requirement quickly to your specifications. PowerCom Specialty software is compatible with Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit with friendly user interface. PowerCom Specialty software is designed for large event with consideration for speed and reliability. PowerCom Specialty software has a hot backup system feature that can recover from any system failure quickly. PowerCom Specialty software will never lose your voting data.

Our Full Service includes:        

1.        ARS equipment: Keypads, base stations, computers and peripherals.
2.        ARS software: Voting application software that will collect all incoming data in a matter of seconds, and sorting then prepare the results for display almost immediately correctly to be displayed.
3.        ARS technician: The person or people operating the voting system.

4.         A/V equipment: Projectors & Screen, Sound system, Pa system, Switches, A/V recording, Stage management

How does this work?
1.        To begin the process, we will be discussing with you about your event's needs as to what type of voting is required, what are your rules and protocols in voting, etc… Then we will create a customized solution for your event. Presentation can also be built and designed by the client. It is also in this process that we can provide a live demo of our keypads and software with our technician to see how it suits your particular requirements.
2.        During the event, we will supply you a technician who can set up and operate the keypad technology.  Each attendee of the event will be provided an access to our keypad which will allow them to respond to questions using numeric answers. Participants can answer multiple-choice questions anonymously. Results can be collected instantly and displayed on screen.
3.        After the event, results will be exported for further analysis or formal reporting.

What audience voting system options are available?

PowerCom RF1  
An improved and sophisticated version of our top-selling PowerCom Reply Mini Plus Keypad. This can level up your Audience Polling Experience. It allows audience interaction in your presentation, be it in a small-sized group or a large scale audience. It has a better platform in conducting meetings, conferences, trainings, seminars, exhibitions, research, surveys, testing, advertising, and other activities that would best executed with a participating audience!
1.        Portable- Slim case with soft touch elastomeric keyboard and LED indicators.
2.        Lightweight- Smaller than a credit card and weighs less than an ounce
3.        Wireless Connectivity
4.        User-Friendly - just a PowerClick away to interact and to get results!
5.        Extremely Powerful
            o         Synchronize RF Feature
            o        Guaranteed NO signal collision/disruption
            o         Guaranteed 200 per second polling transmission speed
6.        Extremely Secured
7.        Long lasting Use & Performance
PowerCom RF2
PowerCom RF2 is one of its most promising and highly developed Audience Response System keypad with comprehensible features and superior functioning wireless communications.
1.        User friendly Human Interface Device (HID) compatible USB base station, which gives user the convenient of direct usage without the need of USB user download.
2.        Innovative keypad printed circuit board with built-in memory, which enables keypad storage of self-paced survey questions, text messages and survey results. It also carries additional features such as storage of 12 texting messages on the keypad's memory and 250 single answer choice questions.
3.        The PowerCom's RF2 base station is compatible with RF1 keypads. It is making things easy since both RF1 and RF2 can be used on the same event with just one base station.
4.        In an event, you can use RF1, RF2 and Reply Plus altogether due to PowerCom's multi-digit software.
5.        The self-paced testing feature of PowerCom RF2 doesn't need any external device like smart card and works on two amazing options:
a.        Online mode, which enables sending of voting results to the base station and display on PowerCom Screen.
b.        Offline mode, which enables keeping of voting results in the keypad's built in memory for later use.
6.        PowerCom RF2 has enhanced texting messaging and optional storing of 12 texting messages on keypad memory.

Reply Ativa
The Reply Ativa is not only the most sophisticated ARS system on the market, but also the most fun and user-friendly interactive presentation solution currently available! Any audience member who has ever used a PDA, iPhone, or Blackberry should be instantaneously familiar with the Reply Ativa. PowerCom's uniquely customizable PowerPoint add-in software works seamlessly with the Ativa system. High-end presenters will find that the Ativa provides an Audience Response Experience that no other keypad can touch!


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