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PowerCom Audience Response System Focus Group

PowerCom Audience Response System is beneficial during focused group discussions. It allows active participation of everyone through the use of anonymous keypad voting system. Shy or silent participants are given the confidence to share their opinions without the need to be vocal and being on the spotlight. Wireless keypads are provided in a

response system rental

to let everyone equally participate and not getting influenced by the opinions of the others. The facilitator easily handles the event especially the audience polling and voting system.


Audience Response Software

also provides flexibility. The facilitator can ask a question at the beginning of the discussion, and gather everyone’s responses in a graph format. This is can be shown and openly discussed.

After the discussion, you can ask the same question again and compare the responses. There is a slide comparison function with the PowerCom

Audience Response Software


Focused Group Discussion
There are two ways to conduct a survey: name identification and anonymous participation. When giving the participants an anonymous way to respond, you’ll find that you can generate more accurate results. Plus, this gives everyone an equal opportunity to voice his or her opinion. The wireless keypads from a

response system rental

can provide anonymous participation in any focused group discussion through the keypad voting system.
You can use PowerCom to:
  •  Identify the current views and opinions about certain products or services
  •  Identify which political figure is more trustworthy
  •  Discover what images are more eye-catching
  •  Determine what commercials are more appealing and retentive
  •  Gather user feedback about products or services
  •  Determine which call to action is more effective

  • For more questions about this response service, calls us today!

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