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Our Audience

Response Service

team offers PowerCom's Election Audience Response Application and PowerCom RF1, Reply Plus, Reply Ativa

electronic voting keypads

for an election type of event. These are the following:

1. City Council Meeting/Assembly

2. Directors and Officers Election

3. Board and Officers Motion and Amendment Voting

4. Shareholders/Stakeholders Consultation and Decision- Making Polls

5. Department/Committee Rules and Regulations Polling

6. Other Significant Election-Type of Events


PowerCom's Election Audience Response Application features the following business benefits:

1. Voting is made easier. The application allows for a faster and simpler process.

2. Paperless Voting

3. Automated Counting

4. Real time

polling system

ensuring accurate results.

5. Voting registration is thru a Roll Call. This makes it easier for tracking of votes.

6. Real-time charts/graphs for visual presentation.

7. Continuity--enter the next round with the latest voting result.

The Audience

Response Service

offers this application in Full Service Program with an onsite technician present during the election and Do-It-Your-Self Service Program with the help of our technician that can control your computer setup through a remote access.

Both programs guarantee our technician working with you closely – physically or not – to assist you in achieving a successful election. From designing the election slides to training your staff, from your rehearsal to your actual presentation, from gathering your results to generating reports, our technician will be with you every step of the way.

The Audience

Response Service

team can make any election run smoother without any anomalies with the help of the PowerCom's Election Audience Response Application. Choose from two great programs, Full Service Program or Do-It-Your-Self Service Program and make any election a success. Call us today and enjoy a hassle-free election!

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