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PowerCom Audience Response system for Business meetings

Audience Response System has been making its way into significant

corporate events

like board meetings, corporate presentations and business meetings. With the use of Wireless Keypad and

Audience Response Software

, the presenter can easily turn the traditional one-way meeting into a two-way communication! Use Audience Response System from

response system rental

to survey your departmental staff, your management team, or other key personnel. The Wireless Keypad can also make the voting system anonymous. Use the answers from the voting system to develop corporate strategy, prioritize company goals, and identify challenges and concerns.

Keypad voting
  •  Identify competitive advantages
  •  Formulate corporate strategy
  •  Identify key departmental challenges
  •  Evaluate profit objectives
  •  Prioritize company resources
  •  Assess organizational problems

Audience Response Software

features the easy-to-use, the flexibility-in voting system, the automatic voting result saving and more. With the options of full service, self-help, remote control event, we provide various choices based on your requirements and with consideration to your budget. Our basic

response system rental

package includes:

PowerCom Presentation

1. Keypads

2. Base station

3. Software license

4. Soft bag

5. Lanyards(for Mini, Mini plus and RF1 keypads)

6. Pre-meeting PPT question slides editing and modification

7. On site technical support(optional)

8. Post-meeting report generation

Prevent making your boardroom a "BORED ROOM", get your audience involve and experience a well-reciprocated presentation and

corporate events

. Everybody has something to say, get them to VOTE via your chosen

Audience Response Software


Business meetings
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