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Salvador, Bahia-Brazil

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Overview Salvador, also called City of the Holy Saviour of the Bay of all Saints is the capital of the Northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. Salvador is also known as Brazil's capital of happiness due to its easygoing population and countless popular outdoor parties, including its street carnival. The city of Salvador is notable in Brazil for its cuisine, music and architecture, and its metropolitan area is the wealthiest in Brazil's Northeast. Pelourinho is a cultural center, and the heart of Salvador's tourist trade. Salvador became the first capital of Brazil until 1763 when it was replaced as the national capital by Rio de Janeiro. Chief among the points of interest are its famous Pelourinho (named after the colonial pillories that once stood there) district, its historic churches, and its beaches.The city is served by many shopping malls and parks. The artistic, cultural and social heritage of Salvador is preserved in museums.
Population 2,480,790 people residing in the city of Salvador.
Airport Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport is located in an area of more than 6 million square meters between sand dunes and native vegetation.
Climate Salvador features a tropical rainforest climate with no discernable dry season.
Best Season The best time to visit Salvador is from October–December, part of the dry season
Meeting, Facilities & Amenities
To avoid The months of December–March are also good in terms of weather, but things can get a bit crowded at this time, as these are holiday months for Brazilians (at least until Carnaval in February). During these months, prices go up in most hotels. The rainy season begins full-on in March and goes until June.
Pros Since its founding the city has been one of Brazil's most prominent ports and international trading centers. Boasting a large oil refinery, a petrochemical plant and other important industries, the city has made great strides in reducing its historical dependence on agriculture for its prosperity. The port and city still play a critical role in the economy of Northeastern Brazil as it provides commercial services for a vast region and exporting cocoa, sisal, soybeans, and petrochemical products. Local industries include fishing, oil and gas extraction, cigar manufacture, a petrochemical complex at Camaçari, an oil refinery, and tourism. The Centro Industrial de Aratu, a planned industrial park and is home to over 100 industrial firms. Salvador is the second most popular tourism destination in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro. Economically Salvador is one of Brazil's more important cities.
Cons Crimes as pick pocketing and robbing are pretty common. Problem of poverty and prostitution. Marijuana trafficking.
Tips The city offers accommodation to suit all tastes and standards, from youth hostels to international hotels.
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