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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Overview Kuala Lumpur, known as Klang Valley is the fastest growing metropolitan region in the country, in terms of population and economy. As alpha world city, Kuala Lumpur is the cultural, financial and economic centre of Malaysia due to its position as the capital, as well as, being a primate city. Kuala Lumpur is home to the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, which have become an iconic symbol of Malaysia's futuristic developments. Kuala Lumpur also has advantages stemming from the high concentration of educational institutions located within its boundaries, providing a wide range of courses. There are numerous public and private medical specialist centres and hospitals in the city which offer general health services and a wide range of specialist surgery and treatment catering to locals and tourists. Tourism plays an important role in the city’s service-driven economy. Many large worldwide hotel chains have a presence in the city. There are more than 66 shopping malls and it is the retail and fashion hub for Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur has numerous parks, gardens and open spaces for recreational purposes.
Population 1.4 million (2010 census)
Airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport , Malaysia’s main international airport, is situated at Sepang District. It serves this capital city and is one of Southeast Asia's largest airports.
Climate According to Köppen climate classification, Kuala Lumpur has a tropical rainforest climate which is warm and sunny, along with abundant rainfall, especially during the northeast monsoon season from October to March. Temperatures tend to remain constant. June and July are relatively dry, but even then rainfall typically exceeds 133 millimetres (5.2 in) per month.
Best Season May to September is considered as the ideal time to visit Malaysia.
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To avoid Rainy season during October-November and April-May on the West coast and from November to January on the East coast is not a good time to visit KL.
Pros The city remains as the economic and business centre of the country. Kuala Lumpur is a centre for finance, insurance, real estate, media and the arts of Malaysia. The large service sector is evident in the number of local and foreign banks and insurance companies operating in the city. Kuala Lumpur is poised to become the global Islamic Financing hub with the strong presence of Gulf's financial institutions such as the world's largest Islamic bank, Al-Rajhi Bank and Kuwait Finance House. Apart from that, the Dow Jones & Company is keen to work with Bursa Malaysia to set up Islamic Exchange Trade Funds which would help raise Malaysia's profile in the Gulf. The city has a large number of foreign corporations and is also host to many multi national companies’ regional offices or support centres, particularly for finance and accounting, and information technology functions. Most of the countries’ largest companies have their headquarters based here Forbes 2000 listed 14 companies based in Kuala Lumpur. Other important economic activities in the city are education and health services. Kuala Lumpur has been home for years to important research centres such as the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia and the Institute of Medical Research and more research centres are expected to be established in the coming years
Cons *Flooding is a frequent occurrence in Kuala Lumpur whenever there is a heavy downpour, especially in the city centre and downstream areas. * Dust particles from forest fires from nearby Sumatra sometimes cast a haze over the region which is a major source of pollution in the city together with open burning, emission from motor vehicles and construction work. *Snatchers in the streets *Construction noise *Traffic jams
Tips Cheapest accommodations are available in these places in KL: The Explorer’s Guesthouse, Hotel China Town Inn, Petaling Street Hotel, The Malaysia Hotel, Stay orange com Hotel and others.
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