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Guangzhou, China

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Overview Guangzhou is the largest city and the capital of Guangdong Province in China. This city was historically known as Canton or Kwangchow. This is China's trading port and national transportation hub. This is the largest city found in Southern China and the third in the whole China. GaWC identified Guangzhou as a Beta World City in 2008 by the global city index.
Population As of year 2010, Guangzhou has a population of 12,700,800.
Airport The second busiest airport in China is found in Guangzhou which is the Baiyun International Airport located in Huadu District.
Climate Guangzhou is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer and it experiences humid subtropical climate. This is characterized with wet summers with high temperatures and high humidity. The winters in Guangzhou are mild and dry. The temperature in Guangzhou has a monthly average of 13.6 degrees Celcius (72.7 degrees Fahrenheit).
Best Season The best time to visit Guangzhou is during the winter season which runs from October to February.
Transportation Guangzhou provides railways system, bus and taxi transport in the city. There are also transport services via railway system and river transport to and from Hong Kong.
Meeting, Facilities & Amenities
To avoid The best time to avoid travelling to Guangzhou is during the summer season which starts on the month of April.
Pros Guangzhou is a good city to visit especially during the winter season. There are different tourist attractions found in the city which includes parks and the 8 Sights of Guangzhou. This is the list of the 8 most famous tourist attraction found in the city that was based from public appraisal. The city also boasts the different colleges and universities that are located in Guangzhou.
Cons Guangzhou is a developed and large city that is home to millions of people. You can expect heavy traffic as one of the cons in the city. The harsh summer weather is another disadvantage.
Hotels Phoenix City Hotel, Asia International Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, Garden Hotel
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