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PowerCom RF1: A Multi-Digit Miniature Keypad

The PowerCom


keypad is the newest keypad model with improved design based on the

Reply Mini Plus

user experience. This portable, lightweight and easy to use

wireless keypad

can give you a better platform in conducting meetings, conferences, trainings, seminars, exhibitions, research, surveys, testing, advertising, and other activities that would be best executed with a participating audience.

PowerCom RF1 Highlights :

PowerCom RF1 Keypad
  •   Easy to use and compact in size
  •   Can be wear with the use of lanyard
  •   Longer battery life
  •   No need to use a trainer to change the keypad address
  •   Supports multi-site voting
  •   Uses advanced radio frequency technology
  •   2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceivers
  •   14 elastomeric buttons for entering multiple choice responses
PowerCom RF1 Keypad Technical Specifications
Wireless Keypad Model RF1
Enclosure Rugged ABS plastic
Dimension 9.7 x 3.92 x 1.22 inches
Weight less than 1 oz

100 x 100 meter/300 x 300 ft. (WRS971-DSI)

200 x 200 meter / 650 x 650 ft (WRS970-DSI)

Display Green and red LED lights confirms that key input accepts by its base station
Base Station WRS970-DSI or WRS971-DSI with capacity of up to 500 keypads per channel identity
Maximum channel and capacity 31 channels, 15,500 keypads (500 x 31)
Power one lithium coin cell battery
Input limitation 14 button with *, Raise Hand key, and special 10 button.
Speed 200 keypads per second
Keypad Addressing static

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