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Powercom RF2: A 3 line LCD Advanced Keypad with Self-Paced Test and Texting Feature


Powercom RF2

Keypad (Model Number: RF2) is used for simple multiple choice responses or complex multi-digit responses. It's an

SMS/texting voting

keypad which displays messages on its 3-line LCD screen. Its texting capability includes Self-Paced Test, Free Form Answers, Person to Person to Person Texts, and Dozens of Unique Functions.

Powercom RF2 Features:

Reply RF2 Keypad
  •   Self-Paced Test and SMS feature
  •   3-line LCD screen
  •   Support multi-site voting
  •   Input Modes : Multi-digit, Multi-character, SMS text, Multiple Choice, Moment-to-Moment
  •   Uses Advanced radio frequency technology
  •   2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceivers
  •   19 enamel coated elastomeric keys.
Powercom RF2 Technical Specifications
Wireless Keypad Model RF2
Enclosure Rugged ABS blend case
Dimension 5.25 x 2.2 x 1 inches
Weight approximately 3.1 oz

100 x 100 meter/300 x 300 ft. (WRS971)

200 x 200 meter / 650 x 650 ft (WRS970)

Display 3 line LCD
Base Station WRS970-DSI-H or WRS971-DSI-H with capacity of up to 500 keypads per channel identity
Maximum channel and capacity 31 channels, 15,500 keypads (500 x 31)
Power two alkaline AA battery
Input limitation 12 character AlphaNumeric, 3 softkeys
Speed 200 keypads per second
Keypad Addressing static and dynamic

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