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The Advertising Market, as a whole, has lots of lowest quality techniques and implementation strategies that might cause a hungry businessman to lose money. These techniques and strategies might seem like an interesting and effective means to introduce business and earn sales, but it is depending on examining a large number of factors before you can actually say that these techniques and strategies are working. 
From our experience and observation, only about 50 percent of all advertisements or business promotion actually works; that is, only few have any results on consumers’ buying actions or item choice. Moreover, a small share of appearances or advertising actually appears to have side results on revenue. How could these statements possibly be true? Do promotion organizations want to generate excellent ads? Do customers want excellent advertising? Yes, they actually do, but most businesses encounter problems making ads that actually convert sales.
The Advertising Market gets little purpose or efficient reviews on its promotion. First, few ads and advertisements are ever examined among customers (less than 1 %, according to some estimates). So, no one—not organization or client—knows if the promotion is any excellent. If no one knows whether the ad is excellent or not, how can you expect sales and acquire business name? Second, once the promotion goes on air, revenue reaction (a prospective reviews loop) is an infamously inadequate signal of promotion efficiency because there is always no “noise” in revenue information (competitive action, out-of-stocks, climate, financial styles, marketing impacts, costs difference, etc.). Third, some of the reviews are complicated and misleading: organization and customer choices and tendencies, the views of the customer's spouse, reviews from traders and franchisees, problems from the lunatic edge, and so on.
As a worldwide based Audience Response System Company, our promotion analysis is designed to approach a successful result for your firm, business or agency. We will help you develop an accurate and specific ad examining analysis process designed to offer an effective means to create an effective business ads. 
We employ advanced promotion examining analysis statistic, set of questions, and data collection approaches to evaluate ad concept strength, and performance power using both qualitative and quantitative general market trends methods. Promotion examining is both analysis and statistic action, and an innovative idea growth action.  Testing results spawns creativeness so we build it in to the process.
If we work with you from the beginning as an associate in developing a fresh new ad strategy, 
We focus on idea growth rather than testing examining, which come later. Concept growth needs an exploratory general industry trends function and attitude, starting first using exploratory qualitative analysis methods such as level meetings among potential viewer’s members.
We have the most desirable and efficient audience response system keypads loaded with powerful features and functions designed to execute the best performance during ad testing.
We guarantee that the devices are operational, ready to execute its works without any problems.
Thus, our strategy to testing advertising is the most sought after in the market. Finally, we recognize that a full understanding of idea attraction must be evaluated in a function with highest possible realistic look.  Promotion examining can help a company to not only create an offer itself, but to also evaluate the attention of an offer and to monitor its efficiency over time.
Successful advertising efficiency research and promotion can help companies matter in their business and offer more goods and services. Promotion costs are an expensive part of the promotion mix, and so pre-testing is often required to collect market viewpoint and prevent expensive errors.
PowerCom has performed numerous ad testing. Our experience in promotion analysis covers promotion development, efficiency and monitoring strategies, both above the range and below the range. We have a reputation in performing exceptional work that helps customers understand the factors behind effective strategies, as well as the reasons why an offer wasn't effective.
What PowerCom Ad Testing can do:
Professional questions voting
Demographic analysis
The video input from the local folder, DVD player or live recording
The real time data recording and display
Group Line charts to cover every angle
Various Statistic reports from the local host and from the website
Combine the data based on the same demographic group
Playback files for data review
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