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About Audience Response Service

The Audience Response Service is a division of Dynamic Services International, Inc. offering rental services of wireless keypads worldwide. Together with our global partners and networks around the world, we are committed to providing audience response system equipment and the services of highly-professional technicians. Our regional partners ensure the availability of the interactive keypads and technicians to your localities. As a result, it gives you the advantage of convenience and cost-efficiency.

Our technicians are guaranteed interactive professionals who are experts on audience response system equipment, audience response software and interactive events applications.

To give you nothing but the best, we use PowerCom and EARS audience response software for full service and self-service events.

It is PowerPoint add-in software that is very easy to install, configure and use.

EARS is a stand-alone audience response software developed by Microcomputer Interfaces with over 20 years of experience in audience response system.

Our headquarters is in New York stocked with thousands of wireless keypads for rental services.

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